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You may have already heard but Manchester might just be getting a zoo!

Manchester Zoo has been kicking around for a little while new, generating a buzz with its clean looking website and 21st century Kickstarter campaign, but today the team behind it just got one step closer. I read on the Manchester Evening Post that they’ve found a site around Middleton campus of Hopwood Hall College and the tone of the article suggests that Rochdale Council are fairly positive about it.

Another little snippet from the BBC article mentions that Johnpaul Houston (former assistant-head zookeeper at Blackpool Zoo turned Manchester Zoo mastermind) has managed to secure an £8m private investment which should hopefully allow him to get started with a bang.

I love the idea of putting a zoo near Manchester and not just because it is on the drive from my house (York) to my parents (Preston). A project like this brings in tourism, provides jobs and gives back to the community around it. Whilst it sounds like a no-brainer, the real test will come in the summer when it goes out for public consultation.

If this blog takes off then I hope we can get an interview with Johnpaul himself, and you can guarantee I will be there to review it as soon as it opens. For now, just head on over to the website and have a poke around.

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